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PLATFORM - Independent American Party

  • Return to strict Constitutional guidance
  • Anti-Abortion
  • Protect and DEFEND the 2nd amendment
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This is where Ed stands.   How about You?  Scroll down to see the Issues

Defined borders are essential to any sovereign nation.  We must be able to control who comes in and who goes out.  Those who come in illegally may not be criminals, but they are outlaws and are not entitled to any concessions from taxpaying citizens of our country.

No Free benefits to illegal aliens.

Tragically, in the USA, an unmarried illegal alien with several children is given more cash support than a disabled U.S. Veteran.  This is simply not right.  As your Governor, I will make every effort to introduce a bill to terminate the benefits currently provided to illegals.


Veterans are our national treasure.  Looking after them must take priority over welfare recipients.  We have over 17,000 homeless veterans just in the greater Las Vegas area.  Veterans have found benefits they enlisted for eroded or eliminated at a time when they most need them.  This is particularly true of medical and family benefits.  I will work to correct this shameful situation.

PRESCRIPTIONS:  Too many Nevada veterans are facing difficulties obtaining prescription medications; circumstances arise when the DOD does not stock medications for various reasons.  When a DOD pharmacy or local pharmacy charges a veteran hundred of dollars for a co-pay, something is amiss.

Veterans were promised care for their service-induced ailments as compensation for putting their lives in harm's way. It is offensive for a desk-bound bureaucrat to tell a combat disabled veteran that his doctor is wrong, and he cannot have the medication prescribed.

I intend to initiate a full review of the medical supply system in Nevada to provide our veterans, and if applicable, their families with the best medication at a low or no-cost option.

If you are a veteran and have difficulty obtaining your medications, please tell me your story.  I will add it to my tasks.

Your donation of $20.00 and your VOTE will help all veterans to have a brighter future.




Nevada taxpayers should not be burdened with paying for those who abuse the welfare system.  The system must be able to protect those who are in need. Those who are capable should work.


A monthly drug test will determine the welfare benefits.

Nevada Tax payers should not be subsidizing an unlimited number of illegitimate children.

Second Amendment

When elected, I will immediately work to repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934, 1938, and 1968. The more recent ones will basically become mute.  I will veto any attempt to restrict the second amendment in the state of Nevada. I will instigate a careful review of all Nevada bills designed to limit the firearms, ammunition, or magazines available to the public. Any restrictive portions to be removed.


Founding Father Ben Franklin called it right when he said if we educate our children without teaching them ethical values, we will only succeed in creating educated menaces to society.

Return the study and discussion of Christ and Christian principles to the schoolroom.

Recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools

Gender Questions

State forms will offer only two options: male or female

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