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Ed Bridges

Passion - Experience - Leadership


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Why Ed is running for office.

Nevadans have a habit of electing professional politicians to represent them in Washington.  This has been the case since the late 1800s.  After over 120 years of “Party Politics,” maybe it is time to elect a candidate who is more concerned about following our Constitution and serving our citizens than about achieving Party Power.

What has happened to the power of the citizens and our freedoms and liberty?  The two major parties over the last 120 years have not protected our Constitution. Nevadans are seeing our natural resources being sold to foreigners.  Over 80% of the state’s land is controlled by the federal government.  Minerals, land, and resources that should benefit Nevada are being controlled by special interest groups.


The state of Nevada has a costly and ineffective school system that ranks 43 in the nation.  Let us eliminate self-serving political interest groups.


Is it not time for citizen-government again?  Is it not the time for citizens to place our State and Federal Constitutions above personal interest?  Is it not the time for citizens to believe in using Nevada’s resources for the benefit of Nevadans and America?  

Once you are in the voting booth, you can vote as YOU wish, be an independent American.


It IS the time to elect Ed Bridges for Governor.

If you agree, please send $20.00 or more to send Ed Bridges to be the Governor of Nevada.


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